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  • Write Like You’re Giving Birth
    “Write from your guts,” I told my creative nonfiction students on the last day of class. “Don’t ignore the pain. Don’t act like it isn’t there and try tiptoeing around it. You have to write your way through your own dark woods.” I recalled the excruciating experience of back labor when giving birth to my […]
  • Trump Got You Up?
    As the Trump administration prepares to take office, my insomnia has been getting a whole lot worse. And I’m not talking about the Orange One’s Late Night Tweets keeping me up. I’m talking about them possibly annihilating us. I’ve been waking up at my usual 4:30am wondering if our president-elect was waking up, too, maybe […]
  • Our Dance With Leonard
    The story of our marriage began with a song, ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’  by Sandra A. Miller Saturday, November 19, 2016 Mark and I were married on a moody August evening in 1997 on the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts. At the end of our ceremony, with the sun setting behind us, we recited […]
  • Seeing The World, Not The Wall: Election Lessons From Death Row
    Seeing The World, Not The Wall: Election Lessons From Death Row by Sandra A. Miller Cognoscenti 11-18-16 A few years ago I profiled death row inmate Damien Echols for a national magazine. After a badly bungled police investigation, Echols, 18 at the time, was sentenced to death for the 1993 murder of three boys in […]
  • Night Clubbing
    I have some pretty strong theories of people who are up at night or too early, strong like a Manhattan on the rocks with Angostura bitters and a dark cherry. We tend to think of ourselves as worriers, as tossers and turners, but that’s selling it short, that is ignoring the depths of our night […]
  • The Lonely Darkness vs. The Dark Alone
    Here’s my most recent post on the Brevity Blog for writers. A great place to visit in the middle of the night. By Sandra A. Miller Who better than a sleepless writer to explain the distinction between the Lonely Darkness and the Dark Alone? Allow me, if you will. The Lonely Darkness is tossing in […]
  • Who’s in?
    My son’s favorite teacher has been in the audition process for real Jeopardy, and it’s a bid deal. You have to be fast and smart and alert and normal and a little quirky and, yeah, that’s not what we’re talking about here. The fantastic news with Insomnia Jeopardy is that anyone can play!! Okay, not […]
  • Counting Sheep, er, Sleep
    Let’s take a minute to talk about night math. If you’re a kindred  spirit in insomnia, you already know what it is, but you’ve perhaps never named it. Allow me: Counting sheep? That’s for getting to sleep. Night math is counting sleep. Counting sleep is what happens when you wake up early in the still-dark hours […]
  • Midnight Treasure
    On the mornings like today when I’m too under slept to write, I slip on my boots, throw  a coat over my pajamas, and wander down the Minuteman Bike Path behind my house. With only the light of the moon to guide me, I look for things, lost or dropped, twinkly or bright. I’m not […]
  • Late Night Friends
    I mostly love the Dark Alone of 5am when I’ve had enough sleep (read: 5-6 hours) and I can tiptoe downstairs to brew my coffee and stir together some words in the silence. But there are those mornings when a writer needs company, and that, my fellow insomniacs, is what a corn snake is for. […]